Welcome To The Chicago Lawyer Directory, Find Many Of The Best Attorneys In Chicago Here


Welcome to the Chicago Lawyer Directory

Everyone knows an attorney. However, attorneys still receive random telephone calls and emails every day from people who need help – often in an area of law that the attorney does not practice. The truth is, despite knowing an attorney, or seeing an advertisement for a lawyer on television or in the Yellow Pages, it is often still difficult to find a lawyer who does what you are looking for.

The Chicago Lawyer Directory has taken the guessing game out of searching for a lawyer. We have surveyed each of the lawyer’s listed in our directory to identify their practice areas and to place them in the specific category of law in which they practice. As such, you are assured to find a competent, professional attorney in the practice area you are searching for with one click of your mouse.

The Chicago Legal Directory is easy to use

Survey the Chicago Lawyer Directory. In a quick glance you will see that it is laid out in an easy-to-use format with all our practice areas labeled on our home page. Within every practice area are at least 5 attorneys who are experienced in that practice area. Look in our Chicago auto accident attorney page for example, you will find profiles for at least five law firms that have experience handling auto accident cases. Look in the Chicago divorce lawyer category and you will find at least five lawyers who focus on divorce law, and so forth.

From there it is simple. Click on a lawyer profile, read about the lawyer and email or telephone the lawyer for a consultation on your legal issue.

You will also notice that all the attorneys listed in this directory are located in the Chicagoland area. You don’t have to enter a zip code, or type a city, you are only connected to lawyers in our area. Of course, you can survey the lawyers more strictly to find a lawyer close to your home as well. Our lawyers are found in Lake County, DuPage County, Cook County and all the surrounding collar counties.

Lawyer Referral Service

There are hundreds of different nuances in the law. You may have a personal injury but it is not a garden variety auto accident. Rather, it is a complex cerebral plexus injury. If you don’t find a lawyer in the Chicago Legal Directory and/or you want a personal referral to an attorney, fill out the attached “Contact A Lawyer” form and an attorney will contact you who can direct you to the type of attorney you need.

Visit our Blog

A good lawyer directory will not only provide you links to locate attorneys, it will also provide you with rich and valuable content information about the legal process, the practice area you need help with and/or your legal community. Visit the Chicago Lawyer Directory Blog to read various articles on “how to pick a lawyer” or “what to bring to your first appointment.”

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