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What Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney Will Tell You About Prop 213

Found yourself faced with determining the nuances of Prop 213? Partner with a quaified motorcyle accident attorney. A Southern California motorcycle accident laywer will outline the specifics of this often considered misguided law as well as how it affects you.   The Shortcomings Of Proposition 213   At first, many had hope for Proposition 213. […]


Naperville Business Attorney Discusses the Planned DuPont-Dow Merger

Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported that Dow Chemical Company and the DuPont Company announced a plan to merge the two giants, forming the world’s second largest chemical company.

Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Naperville Law Firms

If you suddenly required legal help, what would you do? Would you know which attorney to call to represent you? Many people find that they wouldn’t know how to choose between Naperville law firms. In this review, we will share some important factors to consider when choosing which firm to work with. Keep the following […]

Delaying The "I Do": Recognizing The Growing Trend Of Later Marriages In America

Ever feel like the only studies published about marriage trends have to do solely with reporting current divorce rates? Or that the only time we ever hear about celebrity marriages is after both sides have contacted a divorce attorney? While it’s true the divorce rate will always remain a steady focus for many marital studies […]

Personal Injury Lawyers and Common Law Basics

Believe it or not, most personal injury laws are considered common law. What that means is that a judge hears a case, makes a decision, and all judges below him in the same state must follow it. These rulings become what is known as common law in that state. While there are a few laws […]

Chicago Legal Malpractice Laws

The relationship between a client and lawyer needs high degree of trust and reliability. Legal malpractice can happen when a lawyer’s negligent action, inaction or advice causes damages to the client. To prove a claim of legal malpractice, the former client must plead and prove the points mentioned below: •             A relationship existed between the […]

Quick Action Necessary In Divorce Emergencies

In most divorce cases that involve children, a need might arise to get a divorce immediately. This could be due to the fact that the father is abusing the children, and the mother realizes that there is a need to file for an emergency divorce. In other cases, the wife may decide to file for […]

Should You Go For An Uncontested Divorce?

Divorce involves many emotions and it is not an easy decision to take but a lot of people face this difficult situation in their lives. If an individual wants divorce from his/her spouse then he/she should know about uncontested divorce which is also called as no contest divorce. In this type of divorce, both parties […]


The Top 15 Myths About Bankruptcy Law

You know all those bad things that you’ve always heard about bankruptcy. Most of it is NOT TRUE….and I’ll prove it ….right here…right now.


Services Offered By Chicago Divorce Attorneys Makes Divorce More Diplomatic

Divorcing couples in Chicago seeking a civil divorce no longer need to hire dueling divorce attorneys – Divorce Attorney Michael C. Craven has expanded his law practice to include collaborative law services that will allow couples to work towards a positive outcome without going to court.

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