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Delaying The “I Do”: Recognizing The Growing Trend Of Later Marriages In America

Ever feel like the only studies published about marriage trends have to do solely with reporting current divorce rates? Or that the only time we ever hear about celebrity marriages is after both sides have contacted a divorce attorney? While it’s true the divorce rate will always remain a steady focus for many marital studies (and our celluloid media), there are other trends that warrant attention and consideration. In fact, some recent marital studies have specifically avoided a focus on marriage, and examined the complete lack of such amongst a significant portion of the adult population in America.


Pew Research Center Releases Report On Growing Trend Of Delayed Marriages

A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center has shown that the number of Americans, ages 25 and over, who have never been married is at an all-time high. The report states that, in 2012, 1 in 5 Americans aged 25 and older (aka 42 million people!) had never been married. This is a dramatic upswing in never married individuals compared to data compiled in 1960, when just 1 in 10 adults in this age bracket fell into this category.

The statistics outlined in the study don’t end there. The Pew Research Center report goes on to discuss how the average age for first-time marriages has naturally increased as well; the average age for first-time marriages for women is now at 27 and for men it’s up to 29.


Finances Can Play A Major Role In Waiting To Get Married For The First Time

What’s perhaps one of the biggest factors contributing to the record high of first marriage delays? Finances. It’s no secret that money has played a major role in the success (or demise) of marriages throughout every decade. However, modern men and women have undergone a slew of changing financial variables that may have impacted them in different ways when compared to other generations. Recent recessions, coupled with having a significant percentage of both men and women in today’s American workforce means that the economic conditions encountered by both genders have changed considerably. Putting off marriage to focus on financial stability could, in the long run, prove a sound decision that helps ensure their union doesn’t end as an unfortunate statistic that requires a divorce attorney for resolution.

Of course, finances aren’t the only consideration that may have played a role in the recent trend of delaying marriage. Pursuing higher education, specializing in a career field, and even simply waiting to find a more suitable match can all play key roles in determining when someone feels it’s the right time to get married.

Even though couples are waiting to get married, it’s important to note that this recently identified trend is not an indicator that modern couples are simply giving up on marriage in general. Despite the fluctuating divorce rate (which is actually on the decline in recent years) and a trend of delaying the “I do,” those studied by the Pew Research Center have not ruled out marriage entirely. According to their study, 53% of those polled have stated that they would like to marry eventually.

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