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How To Be Your Own Advocate Before You Hire Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Have you recently been involved in a motorcycle accident? If so, you already know firsthand how frightening and traumatizing the entire ordeal can be. Beyond the initial collision, there are countless other challenges that riders have to navigate through, particularly when it comes to protecting your rights. The best way to guarantee you stay protected is to hire an Illinois motorcycle accident attorney to work on your behalf throughout the process.


However, you too can do your part to be your own accident advocate. Following a few key steps can help you stay focused should a collision occur. A qualified motorcycle accident lawyer will offer several tips to take to protect your rights, including:


Create Your Plan

While you hope you will never have to use it, creating an accident plan can prove an invaluable resource for cyclists who do need it. Your plan should include a checklist of what you need and what to ask for from other motorists involved in the crash. You will also want to have a copy of your license, insurance agent and the contact information for your attorney. You may feel like storing this information your phone is enough; however, keeping a paper copy offers backup should your phone break in the crash.


Write It Down

Your first act after a collision is to get yourself to a safe place quickly. Once you have done that, it’s critical to take as many notes as possible about what has occurred. Things can definitely become less clear the longer you wait. Take a few moments to jot down your notes, or dictate them directly into your phone. Important note: if you find yourself too injured to take this step, wait or have someone else take notes for you. It’s important for you to take care of your physical condition first.


Snap Pictures And/or Videos

Once again, move to a safe spot and ensure that you have no injuries that require attention. Once you have done that, look around the scene. Take pics and/or videos of other vehicles, the surroundings, and even people involved in the crashed. The images and videos can offer vital substantiating evidence to support and future claims you may file.


Get Accounts From Others At The Scene

If there are witnesses who stop at the accident, you will want to make sure you talk with them. Discuss what they specifically saw happen in the moments leading up to the collision, as well as what occurred during and after. Always ask for their contact information so you can follow up with them later if needed. You may even ask them to wait for law enforcement to arrive so they can share their statement with the police as well.


Even if you don’t have injuries from your collision, you should always consider consulting with a motorcycle accident lawyer. An attorney will help you understand the best way to protect yourself, as well as how to file for damage retribution.



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How To Be Your Own Advocate Before You Hire Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
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