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Lawyer Directories – Effective Chicago Lawyer Advertising?

Just as with the physical Yellow Pages directory, online lawyer directories are a sea of names and copycat ads that do little to distinguish one lawyer from another. Everyone conveys that they want to “help you with your case,” and “you should call NOW.” Or at least that’s what all these ads say. Lawyer directories aren’t much different from the printed ads in the Yellow Pages when it comes to effectiveness but they do help with search engine optimization for your website because they add valuable back links.

Consider How Clients Search

Most Internet users have their home page set to Google or a similar search engine, and at the very least they’ll be going to a search engine to look for information on local attorneys. Most clients don’t know the name of any of the lawyer directories off the top of their heads and they’d have to search for those through Google. Why wouldn’t they just search for “personal injury attorney Boston, MA” instead?

Your goal with your lawyer advertising is to attract the kind of clients you want to work with. If a client is just flipping through lawyer directories looking for an appealing name, it seems as if they’re not too concerned about who handles their case. It could also be that they’ve only got a minor claim to file, and any lawyer will do. Do you want to be just “any lawyer” for a client, or do you want to be “the lawyer” for them?

Lawyer Directories – A Sea of Names for a Price

The standard structure for being listed in a lawyer directory is that you can get a basic no-frills ad for free or cheap, but anything useful for lawyer advertising will cost you extra. Additions like web links, more information, extra pages, and graphics each have their own price tag. Just as it is in the Yellow Pages, if you want to yell louder, it’ll cost extra.

There are no standards for who gets listed in lawyer directories either. A greenhorn fresh out of law school can be listed right next to an A/V Rated 40-years experience trial lawyer with more credentials than you can shake a stick at. As long as that greenhorn has a credit card with a high enough limit, his listing can rival the most experienced lawyers out there.

The Bottom Line About Lawyer Directories

Clients searching through the lawyer directories are going to see page after page of names and listings and think “Wow, I have a lot of choices!” while you’ll look at that same list and think “Wow, I have a lot of competition!”

In the end, I’m not going to say that you should absolutely avoid lawyer directories like the plague when it comes to lawyer advertising. I will, however, caution you that pretty much anyone with a law degree and a credit card can be listed there – there’s nothing special about being found in a lawyer directory.

The real magic of lawyer advertising is when you use the non-traditional, out-of-the-box methods to attract only your ideal clients. If you focus your lawyer advertising on targeting the clients and cases you know you want, you’ll spend less time turning away unwanted cases and more time enjoying your well-run legal marketing campaign.

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