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Neil H. Good Attorney at Law

At the law firm of Neil H. Good, we help win Social Security Disability benefits for those unable to work because of their medical conditions. If you cannot work because of a physical or mental impairment that is expected to result in death or which has lasted or is expected to last for a continuous period of more than 12 months, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Contact us for a free consultation.

We aid clients at all phases of this complicated process, from initial application to assisting those who have already been denied by the SSA.

At many law firms, SSD and SSI cases form just a small part of a practice. We concentrate on these cases and have the knowledge of and experience with the system to help you win the compensation you deserve. Unlike at some national firms, our clients aren’t passed off to a so-called advocate who may have little legal training or expertise. We offer personal, expert and aggressive service to each person who comes to us for help.

We have five offices throughout northern Illinois, in Cook, DuPage, Lake and McHenry counties, as well as in the City of Chicago, to serve you wherever you live.

The process of obtaining SSD benefits can be complex and overwhelming, filled with potential pitfalls that could sink your case if you go it alone. Let us guide you through this important procedure and get you the compensation you deserve. There’s no fee until you win.

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Neil H. Good Attorney at Law
Posted Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

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