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Should You Go For An Uncontested Divorce?

Divorce involves many emotions and it is not an easy decision to take but a lot of people face this difficult situation in their lives. If an individual wants divorce from his/her spouse then he/she should know about uncontested divorce which is also called as no contest divorce. In this type of divorce, both parties agree to divorce as well as to all other issues regarding the division of property, assets, and debts. Other than that, they also agree to the custody, access and support of children. It is not like the common divorce in which the parties don’t agree on the division of assets or the custody of children.

If an individual is facing difficulty in making the decision whether an uncontested divorce is right for him/her or not, then considering the following points can help in making the right decision:

•             Think about the custody of children

A person should think about the custody of children and if the children are too young, then the issue of custody becomes more serious. If both parties agree on child custody, then nothing is great than that and a person can apply for uncontested divorce. Agreeing also helps prevent unnecessary panic and it is good for future relationships.

•             Think about the division of property and other assets available

Every individual knows about the property and assets owned by his/her spouse and if both parties agree on the division then it is great to apply for uncontested divorce. Nobody wants to take stress and create tension in the divorce proceedings. So, it is good to agree on the assets and property division in order to avoid unexpected obstacles in the case.

•             Think about the cost of divorce

If a person wants to decrease the amount of money he/she is going to spend on the divorce case then uncontested divorce is the best way to save money and the expense of court fees. If both parties agree with each other regarding the main issues of divorce, then uncontested divorce is good to avoid a costly legal procedure. In uncontested divorce, a person also doesn’t have to pay the attorneys and this helps in saving time and money of the individual.

•             Want the case solved quickly?

If the individual wants the case to be solved quickly without wastage of time then uncontested divorce is the best option as it requires less time and also less money.

•             Want to end the relationship in a good way

In an uncontested divorce, couples agree on issues when they make the settlement decision but it doesn’t means that they agree on every other thing which is involved in their life. This type of divorce pays attention on the quick proceeding of the case and if there are children present, then matters solved peacefully help in making the relationship better in the future. Uncontested divorce is a great method of ending a relationship if an individual wants to end things in a good way.

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