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Contemplating divorce, or going through a divorce, is one of life’s most stressful events.

Unfortunately, more than one-half of married couples in Chicago will experience it. Due to the high rates of divorce, almost everyone going through a divorce knows someone who has been divorced or is in the process of obtaining a divorce. There are often hurt feelings, custody battles, and property divisions to figure out.

If you’re in this situation, you might be tempted to ask friends, relatives, co-workers and others who have been through the same hard situation for advice and information-but don’t. Ask for comfort and support from this group, and get legal advice from your attorney. A good divorce attorney will be able to answer any questions you have and steer you in the direction that is best for you and your children.

A divorce case is complex. Clients often feel anxious because they don’t have answers to many of their questions. Even though your case and a friend’s divorce may appear similar, they’re likely different. There are so many variables that go into each case including custody, money, pre-nuptial agreements, alimony, and so many other factors.

Family law cases are fact driven. Differences in the facts of one case and another will lead to different legal strategies and results. That’s why the best person to seek legal advice from is your attorney. You should be worried about getting yourself and your children set up with the best advice and outcome possible. An attorney can lead you in the right direction, while an unwitting friend may accidentally lead you astray.

What if you don’t have an attorney yet? I highly recommend hiring a lawyer who specializes in family law. Your own social network might be able to provide you with names of lawyers. In addition, there are organizations that will help you find the right resources, attorneys, and other divorce professionals. Your local Bar Associations can be another good resource.

One of my favorite organizations for women in the Chicago land area, which helps find divorce lawyers and offers support groups is The Lilac Tree: Resources for Divorcing Women in Evanston, IL. The Lilac Tree is a not-for-profit organization that provides a multitude of resources for woman thinking about divorce, in the divorce process, or already divorced. I encourage woman looking for information to check out their website. For men, look for a local divorce meet-up group in your area.

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Michael C. Craven is a well-known Chicago divorce attorney and a partner of the Beermann Swerdlove LLP law firm in the Chicago area. He is highly respected among other divorce lawyers, judges and his clients. He is also a CPA and a LLM (Masters in Tax Law). To contact or learn more about Michael email him at mccraven@beermannlaw.com, visit his website at  http://www.divorcelawyerschicago.org

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